Global demand for batteries is growing at about 15% each year driving demand for both Nickel and Cobalt. PBT are in a unique position to harness this growth and provide a cleaner, flexible and more affordable option for battery producers.

CEO, Bjorn Zikarsky

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Brisbane,        Queensland,





Our Innovation


We have successfully developed, validated and commercialized two “green”, low-cost processes for producing critical battery materials, namely pCAM NMC. Our Selective Acid Leaching (SAL) and Combined Leach (CL) processes, discovered by the University of Queensland and developed by PBT, produce high-quality, more affordable nickel and cobalt battery materials with a lower environmental footprint.

Main Business


Our primary business is pCAM production. We utilise either primary intermediate products (Mixed Hydroxide Precipitates or Sulphide concentrates) or secondary recycled materials (black mass) as feedstock.

Global Processing


Our first commercial refinery, K & E Germany, produces Nickel and Cobalt products from intermediate materials and black mass feeds. We are replicating this business globally, utilising our repeatable plant design to capture the growth in the pCAM and LIB markets.

Removing Economic Barriers


PBT’s processing technology is supporting the global journey into the rapidly expanding renewables industry. PBT will also directly create new jobs in the Australian and International critical minerals industry, by providing both an economic primary production route and a competitive recycling production methodology.

Environmental Benefits


Industry leading emissions, removal of the need for high pressure or temperature and the elimination of toxic solvents differentiates PBT as a “green” supplier. These environmental benefits along with the ability to recycle in the same efficient processes are passed on to the batteries made with our products.

Commercial Advantage


Our process removes multiple separation stages and extracts materials to specific ratios, producing bespoke battery material on demand for our clients. Our technology also solves recycling complications and can recycle battery material faster while removing environmental impacts associated with existing recycling options.



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