Global demand for batteries is growing at about 15% each year driving demand for both Nickel and Cobalt. PBT are in a unique position to harness this growth and provide a cleaner, flexible and more affordable option for battery producers.

CEO, Bjorn Zikarsky

Year Established







Brisbane,        Queensland,





Our Innovation


Our patented Selective Acid Leaching (SAL) process. Discovered by the University of Queensland and commercially proven to produce high-quality, more affordable nickel and cobalt battery materials with a lower environmental footprint.

Main Business


We refine Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) to produce nickel and cobalt material for Lithium Ion Batteries (LB).

Processing Capacity


Our planned facility in North Queensland will have the capacity to process 250,000 tonnes of MHP pa. Producing about 125,000 tonnes of NiSO4 (Nickel Sulphate) and 15,000 tonnes of cobalt concentrate.

Economic Benefits


PBT’s processing technology is supporting Australia’s journey into the rapidly expanding renewables industry. We will also directly provide over 100 new jobs for North Queensland through our planned new refinery.

Environmental Benefits


Our metal processing is better for the environment which means the batteries made with our products are better for the environment. We don’t use the same high-heat or toxic solvents; diluents or modifiers as other processes and produce less waste and tailings. We create a strong clean separation of nickel and cobalt and can extract very high levels of the metals though our process.

Commercial Advantage


Our process can extract a specified quantity of nickel and produce flexible nickel and cobalt products. This could provide our customers with bespoke battery material on demand. Our advanced processing also solves recycling complications. We can recycle battery material faster without existing environmental impacts.



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